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In the quiet but posh locality around the Snaha Nagar and Agrawal Nagar stands a Cinema House and its been there for the past 18 years. Yes, Sapna Sangeeta cinema so dear to the Indorians is still as juvenile and as young as it was in its early age, 1985 has been a lucky day for Indorians gifted a distinguished twin cinema house.

Sapna Sangeeta Cinema the leading cinema hall in Indore is still pulling crowds and still as celebrated as it was the mid 80:s. During its infant years Sapna Sangeeta Cinema saw the upper and the upper middle class families flock to the theatre to spend their long leisure hours, The first film screened here was “Balidan” in Sangeeta and “Lori” in Sapna. However the first super hit witnessed by this hall was R.K. Films “Ram Teri Ganga Maili”. The biggest hit in its history was “Raja Hindustani” which ran for a whole 50 weeks.

Though there’s been a decline in the number of audience due to the coming of satellite channels yet people flocking to this hall are never too rowdy or troublesome unlike most of the Cinema halls in Indore. Even the front stall seems well behaved during a show.

Sapna Sangeeta

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