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When the whole film industry were seeing slack due to invariable advent of small Box i.e.. Television along with Satellite cables, even in that period Sapna Sangeeta Theaters shows remarkable profitability just because of its proper maintenance and requisite facilities. Sapna Sangeeta Cinema is one of the first halls in Indore to introduce A.C in the hall. Over the years screening of films has been equipped with 4 track sound system, 6 track sound system, Dolby and DTS. Recently Sapna Sangeeta has introduced Online Internet Booking system in the website.

Easily among the most unique and opulent cine theatres in Indore. Sapna Sangeeta has beautiful well -maintained interiors, Equipped with latest air _conditioned comforts, this is one theater in Indore that people go more for its beauty and amenities, than for the content of the film screened.

Sapna Sangeeta has been a favorite with people for Indore all these years, it's a place to make film viewing a wonderful Experience and that s' what it has been doing all these years.

Sapna Sangeeta

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